The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will further seal and render intractable the monstrosity known as Obamacare.

Scalia was an opponent of the unconstitutional legislation that mandates citizens must purchase unaffordable and often economically ruinous insurance from large corporations. He went so far as to call it “SCOTUScare” because a Court majority not only backed it, but failed to realize its unconstitutionality.

Now that Scalia is out of the way and Obama will undoubtedly place on the Court yet another advocate of state power (and often violence) over the individual, we can expect continued erosion of our liberty.

Republicans like to pretend they are advocates of liberty. Ted Cruz often climbs up on his soap box and yammers about the loss of liberty, but on whole the Republicans are no less statists than their Democrat rivals.

As Dale Steinreich notes Obamacare has its beginnings in ideas put forth by Republicans.

“The core of ‘Obamacare,’ the requirement that individuals purchase health insurance, traces back to Stuart Butler at the conservative Heritage Foundation in the late 1980s,” Steinreich writes. “This can be seen in a 1989  Heritage monograph (p. 51).  Ezra Klein points to University of Pennsylvania economics professor and conservative Mark Pauly as the father of the individual mandate based on Pauly’s co-authored 1991 Health Affairs paper (p. 8, item 3) supporting the idea.”

Republicans were so enamored with the idea of the state shoving a product down the throats of Americans the “conservative” Republican Newt Gingrich went on NBC’s Meet the Press and endorsed the idea.

Let us not forget, as well, Obamacare’s roots in Massachusetts. In 2006 Governor Mitt Romney signed a mandate in that state forcing citizens to buy healthcare.

Scalia’s colleague on the Court, John Roberts, billed as a conservative judge, held the fifth deciding vote on National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, the ruling that fixed Obamacare into place, possibly for generations to come. Republicans blow a lot of hot air about repealing the law, but this will not happen.

Now that Obama can tip the scales at the Supreme Court, his state-mandated monopoly for insurance corporations will become a permanent fixture. “Close your eyes and imagine the Supremes have overturned all of Obamacare. Let that sink in. Now snap out of it, sunshine. We can’t count on that,” Michael Cannon wrote before the passing of Scalia.

Short of a revolution—no, not the statist one envisioned by Bernie Sanders—Obamacare and a litany of other tyrannical laws and heavy-handed mandates will not be jettisoned, let alone seriously reconsidered.

Republicans and Democrats worship the state, albeit in different ways and with different color ties. The partisan rhetoric flying back and forth over the aisle is nothing short of gibberish.

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