Many of the contest entries are viewable in the above Youtube playlist.

Authoritarian liberals are claiming that the term #Obola is “racist.” Let’s show them that we’re not going to allow them to enforce their Orwellian language. Let’s defend the rights our forefathers enshrined in the First Amendment, and call urgent attention to this administration’s utter lack of concern for public health. Alex Jones and are launching the #Obola: Tyranny is the Disease contest.

This all out effort will utilize posters strategically placed in lawful public commons areas. This operation will expose how the globalist puppet Barack Obama and his nefarious band of C.D.C. and W.H.O. miscreants intentionally allow patients infected with the Ebola virus into the US. By doing so they are effectively putting at risk the very existence of the American people. Posters can also highlight the typical knee-jerk reaction from the liberal establishment, which is to cry “racism” any time a valid criticism of the president is made, fomenting a racial divide within the public.

First prize wins $5,000 by producing a poster and a video of its placement in a lawful public commons area. Second prize wins $2,000 and third prize wins $500.

The poster must stress the term #Obola, or lampoon the word #Ebola by switching the letter “o” out for Obama’s familiar logo, and must include the “” web address.

Infowars is providing a few examples of posters to choose from, however, we encourage you to get creative and come up with your own motif. Make the poster about Ebola, guns, vaccines, war, etc.; the sky’s the limit.

We’d like to see posters that provide details on Obama’s several executive orders which allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness,” or which show the CDC has failed to follow proper disease protocols meant to prevent a deadly virus such as Ebola from spreading.

Again, the poster must include the “” address.

You can create your own poster or use ours (links to poster-sized images below).

Please remember to abide by all local ordinances when displaying your posters. A good rule of thumb is to post them in entertainment, eatery and bar areas where other posters may be posted.

This is a package deal and the video presentation and its overall aesthetics and dynamic content are as equally important as the graphical impact of the poster and its message.

We encourage you to add the hashtag #tyrannyisthedisease to your Facebook and Twitter posts.

Send entries with your Facebook and Twitter info to [email protected].

All video entries must be on YouTube or a similar video hosting platform by Friday, October 24th, at midnight Central Time. Alex will announce the winner during the Halloween Friday, October 31st edition of the Alex Jones Show.

Infowars poster ideas are below (click for larger images):


Download large version


Download large version


Download large version

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