More proof that OWS has been hijacked by the leftist political machine

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, October 31, 2011

Illustrating the fact that the Democratic Party establishment has hijacked and is now steering the ‘Occupy’ movement, an aide to Deputy Mayor Esther Sanchez was caught organizing and leading the ‘Occupy Oceanside’ event which took place this past Friday in San Diego County, California.

When confronted on camera by activist Mark Dice, Kyle Krahel-Frolander, aide to Oceanside, California’s Deputy Mayor, Esther Sanchez (a Democrat), denies that he organized or was leading the protest.

The Facebook page used to promote the event suggested otherwise, with Krahel’s name listed as a creator. This can be seen in the video but was subsequently deleted from the ‘Occupy Oceanside’ Facebook page, suggesting an attempt to hide Krahel’s involvement. Krahel also posted a press release to promote the event at 12:15pm on a Wednesday afternoon, suggesting he was organizing the rally while on the job.

A posting that promotes the demonstration was also authored by Krahel.

Krahel attempts to flee when Dice brings up the fact that he is an aide to the Deputy Mayor and is engaging in a conflict of interest, organizing a protest on the taxpayer’s dime.

Despite his denial, Krahel can clearly be seen leading the event, using a bullhorn to make the other demonstrators robotically repeat his slogans. When Dice attempts to start a chant for “End the Fed,” the protesters seem disinterested and are less than enthusiastic about his support for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

Although Krahel claims no one is leading the event, Dice’s attempts to use the bullhorn are rebuffed by Krahel. When Dice attempts to alert the local mainstream media TV network to the controversy, they appear disinterested.

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Interestingly, the video was also posted on the official ‘Occupy Wall Street’ website, but the entry was subsequently removed by administrators.

According to left-wing forum Democratic Underground, Krahel-Frolander was fired by Sanchez shortly after the Mark Dice video went public, presumably to prevent the controversy gaining momentum.

As we have documented, within two weeks of the start of the ‘Occupy’ movement last month, it was quickly hijacked and co-opted by the Democratic Party establishment in a bid to turn the demonstrations into a Barack Obama re-election campaign tool.

The official ‘Occupy’ website has formed alliances with numerous Obama campaign front groups, while the George Soros-funded, another Obama administration lobbyist group, has also seized control of the protests and attempted to steer the message and push Obama’s tax agenda.

This is not to downplay the obviously out of control police brutality that has been directed against protesters exercising their first amendment rights, whether you agree with them or not, in place likes Denver and Oakland. Nor is it to suggest that a sizeable portion of the ‘Occupy’ demonstrators don’t in fact understand that the Wall Street-financed Obama administration is part of the problem, not the solution.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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