Col. Sixx
October 23, 2011

People are now at the snapping point as B of A adds a $5 per month fee to use a debit card for purchases. Nothing if you only use the card at the ATM. A major hassle to go to the ATM before getting gas, etc. The average Joe will pay the $5.00 fee and that’s what they are counting on.

This is how we corner them. We OCCUPY MONEY. It’s a lot of work to go down to the demonstration. It smells like stale urine because people haven’t been very tidy. You might get arrested for doing nothing more than walking down the street.

You can OCCUPY MONEY where ever you are! If you have a bank account, you can convert some of the money to silver and spend it. If you can’t attend a rally, this is a way for you to participate.
It’s an instant demonstration – a proclamation of freedom. And the merchants can help support the people, too.

The banking powers aren’t counting on all the citizens out there to go off the banking grid. This will start with small merchants who are being trashed by the big banks. They will accept silver U.S. coins as payment for their merchandise because they want real money.

Banking customers are tired of getting near ZERO percent interest payments. Why keep your money in a bank when you can buy silver coins and put them in your mattress. People may say “you could get robbed at home”. We say “You are GUARANTEED to get robbed at the bank”!

Paying with genuine U.S. silver coins sends a strong message to all….we don’t want any more of that “fake” Federal Reserve money. We’re tired of the bankers controlling the money supply and stealing the value from our currency. Pushing people out of their homes.

Go into any merchant and bring your silver coins. Tell them you want to pay in genuine U.S. money. Real money. Not that fake electronic and paper money that depreciates by the day. It’s 100% legal since it’s 100% legal U.S. currency.

Tell the merchants you visit to post a sign by their register with that day’s price of silver and the amount dimes, quarters and halves will buy. Tell them to help Occupy Money.

Do it now.

Occupy Money- It’s Everwhere You Want To Be!

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