Aaron Dykes
October 4, 2011

Protesters converging around the Occupy Wall Street voters are allowing users to vote on official demands at Coup Media, and a call to re-investigate 9/11 has been included among those issues. At the time of writing, the measure is favored by almost 2/3, with 1371 of 2090 votes affirming the demand (and counting).

Click here to view the poll or vote.


Other noteworthy proposed demands include measures to Repeal the PATRIOT Act, Force Acquisition of the Federal Reserve, Ending the War on Drugs, Ending Corporate Personhood and more. Whether or not such demands will be given attention as the demonstrations continue is another matter, but at least several of these topics are focused on the right issues.

Also posted the front page of the site is a lengthy write-up titled September 11th 2001 Cover-Up Leaked.

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