Eleven days. Who had eleven days in the pool for how long until former President Obama “issued a statement” about something current President Trump did?

Eleven days was all it took. Former President Obama couldn’t stay silent for even two weeks. Apparently he’s taken notice of all the heaps of angry and violent protesting going on lately (see Leftist Celebrities Demand You #DeleteUber For Not Protesting Trump and Liberal ‘Protesters’ Assault Trump Supporter in Portland Airport).

Long story short? He’s pro-protest.

Surprise! This isn’t the first time (see Obama Defends Violent, Anti-Trump Protesters: ‘Do Not Be Silent…’). And no, it won’t be the last either. He may be out of the Oval Office, but his presence lingers like John Kasich at a party he wasn’t invited to.


The comments, the temper tantrums, the protests, the beatings, the soiled underpants. When will they end? The simple answer is there’s no end in sight. All the liberal tears were entertaining at first. Now I’m drowning in them. Time to wipe those sniveling noses and move on.

A former President coming out of his week-long retirement vacation to make a comment that encourages the violence to continue? Not helping. Nobody asked you, Obama.


Mind you, it’s been about 2,920 days without former President Bush criticizing former President Obama. Interesting how that whole “tolerance” thing has been working out. If it seems like we’ve been repeating ourselves when it comes to leftist “peacefulness,” it’s because SJW’s have been going in circles for a while now. Trump does something and leftist outrage promptly follows. Usually in the form of destruction. Then every protester with a Tumblr lectures the rest of America on our values. Oh, to be liberal and feel stupidity’s keen sting…

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