Kurt Nimmo
October 23, 2012

Forget about the Obama’s drones killing a generation in Pakistan or the prospect of war in Syria and Iran that will undoubtedly draw in the United States…

Voters are more concerned with – okay, are you ready? – what’s on Mitt’s flag pin and the kind of car he drives.

In fact, it seems a lot of Americans like the idea of killing Pakistani grade school kids.

“A recent Pew research poll shows that 62% of Americans support drone attacks in Pakistan, even though data continues to prove they are highly volatile and a major contributor to rising anti-American sentiment in Pakistan,” writes Daniel Medina.

Voters get what they vote for, of course. Millions of Americans believe there is a difference between Romney and Obama when all the evidence overwhelmingly shows that both will continue invading and killing the innocent.

Short of a true anti-war candidate like Ron Paul making it into the White House, the war and mass murder will continue until the nation is completely bankrupt and can’t afford its serial murder program or the rest of the world either invades to end the insanity or blockades the country into submission.

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