Police in Saraland, Alabama arrested an off-duty officer this week after receiving several disturbing reports from local residents.

Franky Buck / Saraland Police Department
Franky Buck / SPD
Saraland Police were called out to I-65 just after 2 a.m. last Sunday to confront a driver who was reportedly firing a handgun out his vehicle window.

Upon approaching the vehicle, officers discovered the suspect to be 30-year-old Franky Buck, a law enforcement officer with the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Officers say they immediately noticed a strong alcohol odor emanating from Buck’s vehicle.

Although Buck reportedly admitted to being in possession of his service weapon at the time, no mention was made as to whether he admitted to firing the weapon from his vehicle.

Officers discovered several spent shell casings inside the vehicle shortly after.

After failing a field sobriety test, officers asked Buck to submit to a breathalyser test. Per protocol, Buck’s driver license was immediately suspended following his refusal.

Saraland natives took to social media to voice their disgust for the incident.

“He’ll be let off the hook because that’s just how our country is,” one man said. “If you have a badge, the law doesn’t apply to you. Sad really.”

Others refuted the notion, applauding the arresting officers for doing their job.

“That’s not true or he wouldn’t have been arrested,” another man said. “It’s guys like that that give police a bad name.”

“Saraland police would arrest, ticket or raid they’re own family members.” another said. “They don’t play.”

Infowars was unable to reach the Saraland Police Department to determine Buck’s specific charges.

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