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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Homosexual rights activists are trying to get a ban overturned on accepting blood donations from gay and bisexual men in the UK because it is "offensive," despite the fact that such a change would increase the risk of HIV infection by 50%, in the latest example of political correctness lunacy that is endangering society.

"Rob McDowall, a campaigner on gay rights, has branded current blood-transfusion policy "homophobic" for not accepting blood from men who have had homosexual relationships," reports the Scotsman.

"This outdated, homophobic and offensive rule must be changed to allow gay and bisexual people to give the gift of life," added McDowall.

But there’s a very good reason that gay and bisexual men are banned from donating blood in the UK, and it relates to basic public safety.

According to the latest figures held by the Office of National Statistics for HIV, nearly 50 percent of new HIV cases between 1996 and 2005 involved gay and bisexual men, even though they statistically represent just 5-10 per cent of the population (other estimates say 3 percent).

"While the absolute number of cases of HIV in heterosexuals diagnosed annually is greater than for men who have had sex with men, when the size of the respective populations is taken into account it can be seen that the relative risk of exposure is very different," according to Dr Brian McClelland, strategy director at ScotBlood.

He added: "Figures would indicate a man who has had sex with a man is seven times more likely to contract HIV than a heterosexual."

"Abolishing the rule for gay men would increase the risk of an HIV-infected donation entering the blood supply by about five times, and changing the rule to allow gay men to donate one year after they last had sex with a man would increase the risk by 60 per cent," said McClelland.

For militant gay campaigners like McDowall, the fact that changing the law would mean 50 percent more people would have their lives ruined and possibly die from the scourge of HIV matters little in comparison to ensuring that homosexuals aren’t "offended".

Cold hard facts and a sober understanding that overturning the ban would see HIV and AIDS skyrocket is not good enough for homosexual lobbyists, who have found support from the Labour government every step of the way in ramming through legislation to elevate gays almost above the law and make everyone else second class citizens.

BBC presenter Robin Page was arrested in 2002 for giving a speech in which he argued that countryside campaigners and farmers "should be given the same rights as blacks, Muslims and gays". How dare Page suggest that we mere scum should be under the same law as the precious homosexuals? They are the God race and we are just disgusting "breeders," as the homosexuals can rightly call us without being arrested for committing hate crime.

Perhaps I should even refrain from publishing this article since as a UK citizen I could be subject to arrest under section 5 of the Public Order Act for making homophobic remarks. Homophobia has been warped to mean any comments that aren’t positive towards homosexuals. We are told to be tolerant of alternative lifestyles but the people that lead those lifestyles are completely intolerant of anyone using their free speech to disagree with them.

In January 2006, an Oxford University student who said to a police officer, "Excuse me, do you realise your horse is gay?" was arrested and taken to court for making homophobic remarks. Any comments that cause "harassment, alarm or distress" are now illegal. Most gay people would be "distressed" to hear that their lifestyle is neither moral or healthy and so an advocate of that view would be subject to arrest for expressing an opinion.

National Director for Christian Voice Stephen Green was arrested at a homosexual event in Cardiff, South Wales, for passing out leaflets entitled “Same-sex love, same-sex sex: what does the Bible say?"

Homosexuals even have their own special wing of the UK’s police force to protect them – Green was detained by an officer wearing a fluorescent vest with ‘Minorities Support Unit’ written on the back.

Since church-going Christians are now also a minority in the UK, and are constantly subject to abuse and humiliation in the media and society – will a special police unit be assigned to protect their rights? Don’t bet on it.

Perhaps those that criticize new proposals to legalize a "scientific technique that could allow same-sex couples to create their own biological child in a laboratory" should also be arrested for making homophobic comments?

This entire debacle again underlines how political correctness is just another pretext for political thought control and that its application to the most bizarre and damaging ends is a greater threat to society than the supposed ills it seeks to address.

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