Kurt Nimmo
August 12, 2009

Last month, the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote a letter calling on CNN President Jon Klein to remove CNN host Lou Dobbs from the air because he dared cover the birther issue with objectivity, something MSNBC would never do.

Lou Dobbs takes on the MSNBC slander machine.

The intolerant and foundation funded left simply hates the idea they do not completely dominate television news. They also hate the idea the “conservative” right — mostly neocons who supported the murderous rampages of George Bush and crew — dominate the talk radio airwaves. If the Dems have their way, they will likely bring back some incarnation of the Fairness Doctrine to restrict neocons, too — and anybody else, neocon or otherwise, who stand against Obama and the bankster-loving Democrats.

In addition to working to boot Dobbs off the air and gain a Borg-like statist consensus on all things Democrat and Obama, the foundation liberals and their limo brethren have managed to scare off a few serious Glenn Back advertisers.

“Some of the nation’s biggest advertisers are distancing themselves from Fox News host Glenn Beck after he called President Obama a racist during a July 28 broadcast,” Reuters reports today. “Geico has pulled its ads from Fox News Channel’s ‘The Glenn Beck Program.’ Lawyers.com, which is owned by LexisNexis, also has vowed not to advertise during the program, according to Color of Change, an African-American online political organization that has been urging advertisers to stop supporting the show. Additionally, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance and SC Johnson all said their ad placements during the broadcast were made in error and that they would correct the mistake.”

Beck’s provocative race comments in July were custom-made to provide canon fodder for an attack on sincere Obama opponents and the liberty movement.

Beck’s show on Fox ranks third behind Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

It remains to be seen if the concerted effort to blacklist Beck will be successful. Our rulers love nasty partisan politics and the wide division created by playing the false right-left paradigm like a Stradivarius.

Glenn Beck is a skilled Operation Mockingbird operative. His task is to make patriots and real conservatives — not the state-loving neocons who are actually remolded liberals in the archaic Trotskyite fashion — look like stark raving racists and nut cases. Rest assured, if Beck is told clean out his desk at Fox — again, not a foregone conclusion – he will not be working at Starbucks or Wally-Mart. He is a millionaire.

In addition, Beck’s latest book, “Common Sense: The Case Against an Out-of-Control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine,” has dominated The New York Times bestsellers list for seven weeks now. He is a corporate media darling.

The “conservative” Fox News network piles on the militia propaganda bandwagon.

Beck’s race-baiting comments late last month helped launch the current offensive against free speech that kicked into warp drive today. On CNN, MSNBC, and Fox this afternoon a number of Southern Poverty Law Center engineered propaganda pieces targeted the imaginary rise of violent militias, defined by the Department of Homeland Security and its SPLC helpers as anybody who supports the Second Amendment and opposes the globalist policies of Obama’s handlers, the latter now defined as racism.

Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh may be the ostensible targets of the Color of Change “civil rights” organization and its fellow travelers at Media Matters for America (a media “watch dog” organization that has taken money from George Soros and is stacked with Clinton operatives), but the real target is the less well-funded although growing in popularity liberty and patriot movements.

Chances are Glenn Beck is not going anywhere — or is Rush Limbaugh — because they have massive multinational media corporations standing behind them and, besides, they are invaluable assets for the globalist tactic of distraction and endless division through contrived Democrat-Republican partisan politics that does not seriously question or challenge the establishment.

Sincere patriot media, however, will be forced to weather attacks in the months ahead and may indeed face extinction on a number of fronts. As we are now witnessing, the offensive against free speech is working under the guise of fighting against phony racism and a corporate media mirage of violent extremism attributed to defenders of liberty.

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