“I saw a lot of violence, extreme violence and was put in situations that were extremely dangerous”

Adan Salazar
June 25, 2013

An Auburn, Wa. police officer was fired but faced no jail time after blaming perverted acts committed during a traffic stop on his post traumatic stress disorder, yet another sterling example of how members of law enforcement often face trivial punishments amounting to little more than slaps on the wrist due to their perceived status within the community.

The incident took place on January 27, and the victim, Hannah Thompson, says she hasn’t been able to travel within her own town comfortably ever since.

Former officer John Michael Clemmons began following Thompson’s car one night from a bar near her home. He tailed her all the way home where she exited her vehicle, but she was ordered to get back inside. According to Thompson, the officer never flashed on his patrol lights.

Clemmons began administering roadside sobriety tests, and next handcuffed Thompson, placing her in the back of his squad car. It was there, Thompson says, that he began an invasive search, which included sticking his hands down the front of her pants in an alleged attempt to look for drugs.

“He put it (his hand) directly down my shirt and moved it around below the wire in my bra, then he put his hands knuckle-deep into my pants. He moved it right to left and then down to the front,” Thompson told Fox affiliate Q13.

Thompson also says the officer used his flashlight to look inside her pants, and later asked if he could enter her residence for additional information after mentioning her license was suspended.

After her handcuffs were removed, “She said no and he reached around her and grabbed her buttocks, again asking to go in the residence,” reported The News Tribune.

On Monday, Clemmons pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault, but instead of jail time, was mandated 80 hours of community service and a deferred sentence of 24 months.

Clemmons, a war veteran who earned two purple hearts, likely won sympathy from the judge by blaming his nefarious actions on combat-related PTSD. “I saw a lot of violence, extreme violence and was put in situations that were extremely dangerous,” Clemmons said.

In court, Thompson expressed the extent to which that night has adversely affected her state of mind, and condemned police who showed up in support of Clemmons, saying, “I don’t feel safe in Auburn at all, especially when these other officers are in court to support him and I don’t feel safe when I still live in Auburn.”

Indeed, there must be scores of policemen and women who are decent human beings and compassionate people, but their courage and good deeds are unfortunately overshadowed by the despicable acts of those who embrace the thug, gang member-like, brute-cult mentality of the blue code of silence.

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