Toledo, Ohio’s water supply is now safe to drink, Mayor D. Michael Collins said Monday morning. “Our water is safe,” Collins said, according to The Associated Press. “Families can return to normal life.”

With that announcement, the mayor lifted a three-day-old ban triggered by raised levels of the chemical microcystin, a likely result of algae blooms fed by runoff contaminated by farm fertilizer and sewage-treatment sludge.

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Ohio Drinking Water Emergency ‘not over yet’
Boiling the water only serves to make the toxin more concentrated, officials said..

John Bacon
USA Today
August 4, 2014

A toxin discovered in a northwestern Ohio treatment plant left 500,000 people scrambling for drinking water for a second day Sunday.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said preliminary testing showed toxin levels were improving at the city’s plant, but he said officials were waiting for federal officials to analyze more samples before determining if the water is safe to drink.

“All of the results continue to improve, which gives us hope,” Collins said Sunday. “But this is not over yet.”

Results of the latest tests, expected to be announced Sunday night, were delayed until after 1 a.m., The Blade of Toledo reported. “We’re doing new testing,” the mayor told the newspaper.

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