The Ohio State University terrorist who went on a vehicle and knife rampage before being shot dead was a social justice warrior who had been studying a branch of political correctness before the attack.

According to OSU student Hallie Crow, ISIS-inspired jihadist Abdul Razak Ali Artan was part of a group assignment working on a presentation about “microaggressions”.

Microaggressions are a set of words and behaviors characterized by far left professors and radicals as being politically incorrect, racist or offensive towards minorities.

According to different universities, microaggressions include “identifying as American,” and using the word “American” because it is “problematic”.

Other discouraged words and phrases included, “obese,” “normal,” “mothering,” “fathering,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” and “senior citizens.”

A professor at Portland College also characterized a white person smiling at a black person as a microaggression.

The fact that Artan was undergoing politically correct indoctrination illustrates how PC culture is now not only a threat to free speech, but a tool for violent radicalization.

This dovetails with an ISIS manifesto released last year that outlined a plot by the terror movement to recruit left-wing social justice warriors as jihadists because the two outfits broadly share the same goals.

Before his rampage, Artan also gave a brief interview with student newspaper the Lantern in which he complained about Islamophobia and alleged mistreatment of Muslims.

A Facebook rant posted before the attack also detailed Artan’s grievance with America “interfering with other countries”.

Given their hateful intolerance and propensity for violence, it’s no surprise that social justice warriors are also now attracted to jihad as an avenue through which to inflict their demented attitudes on the rest of society.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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