OJ Simpson actually offered some profound advice on the Democratic debates, essentially stating that voters should think for themselves rather than let TV talking heads do the thinking for them:

This advice is worth highlighting given that the mainstream media crammed together all the Joe Biden supporters they could find into a tight formation to make the Biden crowd look bigger than it actually is outside the event:

Because of this, the mainstream media will presumably declare Biden the “winner” of the debate afterwards, but is he really?

Biden is currently the establishment’s choice, but his campaign has yet to generate enthusiasm amongst voters to put it mildly.

That’s why the establishment media is propping Biden up; they’re hoping Democrat voters will discern that Biden is the “correct candidate” to support if they’re led to believe that other voters like them support Biden, too.

This is actually a well-known theory in psychology known as “social proof” – in short, social proof is a way for people to decide what is correct by referencing what other people think is correct, especially when people are having a hard time deciding right away, as the case would be with 20+ Democratic presidential candidates.

Social proof is also a psychological explanation for the phrase “herd mentality,” which Native Americans made great use of by forcing hordes of buffalo to jump to their deaths.

According to psychologist Robert Cialdini in his book Influence:

There are two features of buffalo that make them especially susceptible to erroneous social evidence.

First, their eyes are set in their heads so that it is easier for them to see to the side than to the front.

Second, when they run, as in a stampede, it is with their heads down low so they cannot see above the herd.

As a result, the Indians realized, it was possible to kill tremendous numbers of buffalo by starting a herd running toward a cliff.

The animals, responding to the thundering social proof around them — and never looking up to see what lay ahead — did the rest.

One astonished observer to such a hunt described the deadly outcome of the buffalo’s obsessive trust in collective knowledge.

This is actually a fitting analogy for Democrats, who risk jumping off the cliff politically if they keep following candidates who are moving too far left for the average voter.

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