Project Veritas has exposed even more corruption by Dems, this time by catching Democrat judges from Chicago on undercover video violating election regulations by pretending to be Republicans on Election Day.

There is supposed to be an equal number of Republican and Democratic judges on Election Day to ensure equal representation and to monitor voting, according to Illinois state law.

The undercover Project Veritas journalist asked judge named Betty Jones what being a Republican judge means.

“Oh, you know what, I’m just a judge I get paid,” Jones said. “I just get paid. I don’t give a green flip. I don’t care what it means.”

“But why does it have to be a Republican judge? I don’t get that,” asked the PV journalist.

“Oh, they have to have Republicans and Democrats and…yeah that’s all,” Jones replied.

“But you don’t have to be a Republican?” the PV journalist asked.

“No. I’m a Democrat but I’m working under the Republicans,” Jones said. “You have to have so many Republicans and so many Democrats.”

The Project Veritas journalist asks another judge, Joseph Johnson, if he’s a Republican.

“Technically, no but for this election it made me a Republican, yeah,” he said.

“So you voted for Trump?” asked the PV journalist.

“No, I didn’t vote for Trump,” Johnson said. “That’s how the election… that’s how they sent it to me.”

“They gave me my assignment, told me where I was going and made me a Republican.”

This development comes after Democrats had been foaming at the mouth in recent weeks accusing Russia of being responsible for their election defeat, but as we covered, Democrat operatives were already intent on committing voter fraud using underhanded tactics like busing in illegals and registering dead people.

Even Obama went so far to say that even the suggestion of election rigging was so absurd that no serious person would believe it could happen.

Minutes later Project Veritas released their bombshell video which resulted in two Democrat operatives being fired.

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