Project Veritas head James O’Keefe says more insiders are about to blow the whistle on Big Tech following yesterday’s revelation that Google is actively manipulating its algorithms to prevent Trump winning re-election.

Jen Gennai, head of responsible innovation at Google, was filmed by Project Veritas admitting that Google is using AI and algorithmic manipulation to meddle in the next presidential election.

“We’re also training our algorithms if 2016 happened again….would the outcome having been different?” asked Gennai, adding, “We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again.”

Now O’Keefe says that more whistleblowers are waiting in the wings to expose Big Tech.

“All of these people are coming to me in the last 24 hours – more insiders,” said O’Keefe.

“I just learned last night there’s another person in the company that wants to come forward – it doesn’t get better than that.”

O’Keefe also urged other potential whistleblowers to contact him at his email address. [email protected]

He said that there was now a “watershed” of whistleblowers coming forward to expose Big Tech as their efforts to suppress conservatives stoke more and more resentment.

O’Keefe also revealed that he had been contacted by lawmakers who had promised to hold hearings on the issue.

Following the release of O’Keefe’s latest exposé, Google-owned YouTube deleted the Project Veritas video, which had over a million views.

In other words, Google is now directly censoring criticism of Google, proving once again how anti-trust hearings into breaking up Google’s monopoly are imperative.


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