We Are Change
May 19, 2008

Members of WeAreChange were physically removed from Louisville Exposition Center on Sunday after confronting Iran Contra figure Oliver North. Members questioned North on his involvement with Continuity of Government, the new 9/11 investigation and concentration camps in America.

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, a FOX News host, was confronted by a combination of activists from WeAreChange Ohio, and Kentuckiana Change. Cody Deeds stood up during a question and answer session and asked North to explain exactly what the Continuity of Government was, at which point North went into his involvement with REX 84 during the Reagan Administration. North explained that at the time it was a plan to continue government in the event of a Soviet attack. As a follow up question, Deeds asked a question “Given the knowledge of secondary devices in [World Trade Center] building 7, would you support a new investigation of 9/11.” North initially scoffed at the notion of government involvement, but Deeds reiterated that he had not mentioned the government and only wanted know if given knowledge of secondary devices, would he support a new investigation. At which point, North replied, “Investigate everything.”


On North’s way out of the forum, Sam Logulo asked; “North about the Iran Contra hearings and the presence of concentration camps in America.” North claimed “The only concentration camps were shut down after World War II.” Logulo replied, “Some of them are being reopened.” North said “show me the proof.” Logulo said, “Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis,” a reference to Beech Grove. North told Logulo to send the evidence to his email address.

On the way out, the members gave a variety of DVDs including TerrorStorm and Blueprint for Truth to North. In addition the members gave a Patriots Question 9/11 flier to North and an article about ex-Congressman Daniel Hamburg about evidence that the U.S. government created Al-Qaeda and were involved with 9/11.

Later, Logulo told North that he would send him the information on the camps, but at this point, police surrounded the WeAreChange members. At which point the officers told the members to shut off their cameras. Adam Covington from Kentuckiana Change asked an officer, “Why can’t I record this when I have a press pass, and this is a second and first amendment venue?” Despite the lack of explanation from the police, the members shut off their devices and proceeded to walk out of the building.

While escorted out, a plainclothes officer yelled “Give me your camera,” and tried to snatch Logulo’s camera from behind. Four officers tackled Logulo, and drove him to the ground. One officer put Logulo into a headlock.

“Easy, easy, easy!” Logulo exclaimed. “I’m not resisting.”

As Logulo was being assaulted, Deeds was filming his fellow WeAreChange member in order to record the abuse. He was told stop filming at which point he didnt comply and continued filming anyway.

“Get him!” yelled a plainclothes officer as he ran at Deeds. Three officers took Deeds down to his knees as they ripped the camera out of his hand. Deeds tried to take the memory stick out of his camera, and was accused of “tampering with evidence” a Class D felony according to officer Rehm. Deeds later explained, “The footage was my only defense.”

The police confiscated four memory cards, two battery packs, two sets of batteries, and a disc. Throughout the 30 min ordeal the members of change were interrogated, harassed, and searched. To prevent further harassment at future events we would appreciate any attourneys that would provide their support please contact Cody Deeds at WeAreChangeOhio.com.

If you would like to see the video footage please call the Louisville Metro Police.at (502) 574-7111 or write

Louisville Metro Police Department
633 W Jefferson St
Louisville, KY 40202

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