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May 1, 2008

In the second-to-last segment of an entire Hannity & Colmes show devoted to Rev. Jeremiah Wright last night (4/29/08), convicted liar Oliver North (his conviction was later overturned on appeal) joined race-obsessed Sean Hannity in the Rev. Wright pile-on. Instead of the racial angle that Hannity harps on, North accused Wright of being “a recruiting camaign for Al Qaeda and all the enemies of America.” With video.

Hannity has spent night after night attacking Wright but when Wright complained at the National Press Club that Oliver North, as part of the Iran Contra scandal, sold arms to the Contras who were killing the peasants and indigenous peoples, Hannity got on his Hanctimonious high horse and declared, “There he is, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, taking a shot at our own friend, Col. Oliver North!”

North and Hannity were full of bullboy swagger about being proud of being attacked by Wright.

With hammy outrage, Hannity said, “He attacked me in a eulogy at a funeral, for crying out loud!”

Funny, but Hannity had no compunction about smearing his supposed friend, Rev. Joseph Lowery and his eulogy for Coretta Scott King because Hannity thought it too critical of President Bush.

North hyperbolically said, “("Wright) has gone after everything that is good and decent in America.”

Hannity, never one to slavishly stick to the facts when he’s on a smear campaign, claimed that Wright had “basically” accused North of “murder and atrocities.”

"Patriotic" North added, "And what this man has become is a recruiting campaign for Al Qaeda and all the enemies of America.”

Kudos to Alan Colmes for stepping up to the plate and telling North “This is an effort to just blast Obama, blast Wright, denounce these people when they have done nothing wrong.”

Colmes continued, “Was there an Iran Contra scandal? Was he right about that?"

North agreed there was, then neatly sidestepped the issue by saying, “Nobody ever accused me of murder.”

North continued, “The reality of life is that America supported Democratic movements all over the world and we did so in Nicaragua and thank God they won.” In other words, he has no regrets about what he did.

Referring to the accusations against Obama for serving on a board with former radical William Ayers, Colmes pointed out that Bush 41 sits on the board of The Carlyle Group with a member of the Bin Laden family. “Do we go after him for that? …Do we play that game of guilt by association?”

Then North went on to smear Wright for having bought “about a $10 million mansion in an all white neighborhood.” That kind of puts the lie to his being a racist, eh? But somehow North missed that.

“Good for him,” Colmes said. “Aren’t you a capitalist?”

North said, “I certainly am, but I don’t do it on a public charity”

Oh, yes he does! His Freedom Alliance charity was given an F last year for its meager spending on veterans relative to the monies received. Furthermore, out of the hefty ticket price charged for the so-called "benefit" Freedom Concerts that Hannity puts on for North’s charity each year, less than 1% goes to the charity.

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