Kurt Nimmo
May 19, 2008

I know, it is a provocative title. But considering what North’s “security” did to members of We Are Change at the Louisville Exposition Center on Sunday, the title is entirely appropriate.

Cody Deeds asked North about Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, and asked if a new 9/11 investigation was in order. Sam Logulo asked about the Iran Contra hearings and “the presence of concentration camps in America,” a fact reported by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987. Rex 84 and other “contingency planning readiness exercises” are a subset of Operation Garden Plot, a plan alive and well and recently activated as Noble Eagle under the control the U.S. Northern Command. Op Garden plot is described as providing military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during “major civil disturbances,” that it to say it is a violation of Posse Comitatus, now quite moribund.

In response to questions about Rex 84, North basically claimed ignorance, stating the “only concentration camps were shut down after World War II,” in other words, North either has a bad case of amnesia or is telling a lie, the latter not surprising as even Ronald Reagan, who North worked for, accused North of making various “false statements” during the Iran-Contra hearings. “North has a magic mouth,” explained the late David Hackworth, and is also “one of the most dangerous men in America today.”

We Are Change discovered how dangerous North is — or at least how dangerous his “security” detail is, a detachment apparently comprised of the same stock as Hitler’s brownshirts.

“Logulo told North that he would send him the information on the camps, but at this point, police surrounded the WeAreChange members. At which point the officers told the members to shut off their cameras. Adam Covington from Kentuckiana Change asked an officer, ‘Why can’t I record this when I have a press pass, and this is a second and first amendment venue?’ Despite the lack of explanation from the police, the members shut off their devices and proceeded to walk out of the building.”

It was bad enough these Americans were denied journalistic freedom, at one time guaranteed under the First Amendment. But simply denying this right was not enough for Ollie’s goons. “While escorted out, a plainclothes officer yelled ‘Give me your camera,’ and tried to snatch Logulo’s camera from behind. Four officers tackled Logulo, and drove him to the ground. One officer put Logulo into a headlock.” Logulo told the “officers” he was not resisting and there was no need for violence, but then these modern day brownshirts, not much different than their fascist predecessors, were obviously interested in punishing Mr. Logulo for his temerity.

Deeds taped the assault and for this he was attacked as well. “Three officers took Deeds down to his knees as they ripped the camera out of his hand. Deeds tried to take the memory stick out of his camera, and was accused of ‘tampering with evidence’ a Class D felony according to officer Rehm.” Of course, this accusation was so absurd as to be almost laughable, or it would be if not for the physical violence and the theft of memory cards, two battery packs, two sets of batteries, and a disc. “Throughout the 30 min ordeal the members of change were interrogated, harassed, and searched.”

Calling the cops brownshirts is probably not correct. More accurately, they served as North’s Ordnertruppen, or protective guard. In Nazi Germany, the Ordnertruppen specialized in thrashing the opposition, as fascists have no tolerance for those who are in disagreement. In fact, the term Ordnertruppen is especially pertinent, as the handpicked brawlers and bullies were organized to protect Hitler during speeches and Nazi Party gatherings. Hitler’s Ordnertruppen eventually morphed into the Sturmabteilung, or SA brownshirts, and they relished beating, tormenting, torturing and killing the opposition. “All opposition must be stamped into the ground,” was a famous SA maxim.

North’s security is now at the Ordnertruppen stage. How long before they evolve into a neocon version of the Sturmabteilung? How long before the Halliburton constructed concentration camps — as originally envisioned by Oliver North under Rex 84 — are activated? For now, the opposition — actually nothing more than a small group of citizen journalists — are merely assaulted, but soon enough they may be rounded at up three in the morning, hooded, beaten, and tortured in Abu Ghraib fashion. How long before they are slaughtered and dumped in mass graves?

Fascism usually looks and smells about the same, no matter the country or period of time.

Finally, it should be noted that the neocons are fans of the professor from the University of Greifswald, Hitler’s crowned jurist and philosopher of dictatorship, Carl Schmitt, who called for Ausnahmezustand, or a state of emergency. John Yoo, who justified the torture of children, is a student of Schmitt, as are any number of other neocons, many who follow the teachings of Leo Strauss, who was mentored by the Nazi Schmitt. For such monsters, beating up citizen journalists is no problem. Even those less strictly neocon — such as Glenn Beck, Morning Joe, no shortage of Faux News talking heads, and Geraldo Rivera — believe asking questions about September 11 is a dangerous precedent and requires an aggressive if not violent response, such as tasering, beating, and internment in concentration camps.

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