Katharine Seelye
NY Times The Caucus
August 14, 2008

ASPEN – Among the media covering Senator John McCain Thursday at the Aspen Institute was Anita Thompson, the widow of Hunter S. Thompson, the legendary journalist who brought his gonzo style of personal reporting to politics in the 1970s for Rolling Stone.

“These are Hunter’s people, and I’m happy to be back with them,” said Mrs. Thompson, who is writing for the Huffington Post and was sitting in the press section at the McCain event. “Hunter would be back here drinking and having fun, but I don’t know if he could have tolerated the repression,” she said, noting the regimentation of reporters and their lack of access to Mr. McCain.

One of those who met Ms. Thompson, 35, was Ryan Corsaro, 27, a campaign reporter for CBS News, who said he had been inspired by Mr. Thompson’s classic “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: ’72,” in which the writer enjoyed extensive access to George McGovern, the Democratic nominee.

“He was able to tell a completely different story,” Mr. Corsaro said. He said he had hoped to have the same kind of access when he started covering the presidential campaign almost a year ago.

But, he said, “the campaigns know there are journalists out there who want to tell that kind of story and they’re doing their best to not let it happen.”

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