Daniel McAdams
LRC Blog
October 25, 2011

Hundreds of Syrian army and police forces have been killed by the much-vaunted “unarmed democracy protestors,” a fact almost completely ignored by the US press. Instead, US media outlets, even some alternative and antiwar sites, focus exclusively on uncorroborated atrocity reports from the rebels themselves (exactly as they did in Libya), which logically should be considered suspect. We now see that those reports coming out of Libya were out and out lies.

Turkey, the US and Israel’s best friend in the Middle East, has been for months nurturing and arming the forces seeking to overthrow the Syrian regime. Now Turkey has virtually declared war on Syria by agreeing to house and protect the “Free Syrian Army” on Turkish soil. Some may tire of these analogies, but how would the Obama administration — or any administration — react if Mexico were harboring armed insurgents crossing the border to murder federal agents in Texas?

The US has recalled Robert Ford, its ambassador to Damascus, citing fears for his safety. His open assistance to those seeking to overthrow the Syrian government has infuriated the local population. Last month he was pelted by citizens on the street with tomatoes as he left yet another meeting with the insurgents. A US overthrow is not wanted.

It is clear that the US and NATO mean to overthrow the Syrian regime, which is the last speed bump on the road to Tehran and a general Mideast war. That means Israel as well. Does it mean nuclear war? Can anyone halt this runaway train?

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