Less than 24 hours after the shocking attack in Manchester, while many families were still desperately searching for their loved ones, open borders activists were spotted at a vigil in Birmingham unfurling a ‘refugees welcome’ banner.

The organisation, ‘Stand Up to Racism’, which has been described by those on the left as a “front for the Socialist Worker Party”, are a hard-left group of agitators who frequently hold protests and try to disrupt events of those they disagree with politically – such as UKIP.

Whatever one’s political beliefs, Westmonster thinks it’s incredibly insensitive to use a memorial vigil to push an agenda. Imagine the outcry if someone had turned up with a ‘close the borders’ banner. Our point is further proven by reports of the organisers contacting the local Conservative and UKIP branches to tell them their supporters were not welcome.

UKIP’s Birmingham representative Keith Rowe was also apparently told that his safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

The hard left are now openly hijacking public grief. It’s disgusting and saddening, given that the night before, the people of Manchester came together and opened their homes, offered food and free taxi rides to all those in need with no preconditions about political beliefs, religion, etc…

The hard left thrives on divisive identity politics.

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