WASHINGTON, DC — Open borders protesters in Washington, DC, laid the defamatory slurs on thick in protest signs attacking President Trump, his administration, and Republicans as racists on the basis of separating minors from adults who illegally cross the U.S. southern border.

One sign depicted the President as Hitler with the words, “History has its eyes on you”:

Leftists and Democrats have made smears against Trump related to the Holocaust (Credit: Michelle Moons/Breitbart News)

“This is some Nazi SHIT,” read another:

Another sign using the horror of the Holocaust as a slur against the administration (Credit: Michelle Moons/Breitbart News)

One man held a “concentration camps are bad,” sign:

This man carried a sign about concentration camps as he brought up the back end of the protest march (Credit: Michelle Moons/Breitbart News)

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