January 13, 2009

This little curiosity comes to us from the Telegraph’s Culture Picture Galleries section.

As of now, there’s an entry called: Operation Blackjack: The Story of Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Major Western Cities.

On the page, we read: Blackjack – A slide show story. The events portrayed in this slide show are entirely fictitious.

There is no author listed.

I didn’t spend too much time gazing at the chicken entrails, but there were a few howlers that were too good to pass up:


Remember the Kingstar (controlled demolition company) van near the exploded bus on the 7/7 London bomings? That’s what came to mind for me.

Also, the ‘fictitious’ attack occurs during the Summer solstice. What’s the name on the side of the van? New Dawn Presentations. And its logo? That’s right, the Sun.

One other thing: All the cool kids know that the Illuminati are fascinated with Ferris wheels near bodies of water. (Look, don’t blame me, I just work here.)

Take a look at this frame from our little slide show narrative:


Coincidences and mushroom clouds…

Have a nice day!

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