July 22, 2013

oprevOperation Paul Revere finalists have been chosen after a broad consensus.  We picked the films out of our personal favorites that were common to many of us in a process we feel reflected the broadest appeal.

As some have observed about the Oscars, it’s too bad that we can’t just leave recognition with the nominees, but there has to be a winner.

That’s not to say that your work hasn’t had an impact on others and a beneficial effect on your filmmaking.

We hope that the Operation Paul Revere site will emerge as a source of constructive criticism and even as a means for future collaboration amongst like minded people pooling their talents for new projects.’

Now, here are the videos…

American Drone

Haunted by a mission gone wrong, U.S. drone sensor operator Calvin Williams begins to feel suspicious about drone warfare and the implications it could have on domestic freedom.

Disarmed: A history of gun control

A videos representing a challenge to the mainstream media’s manipulation and disinformation surrounding the ‘gun control debate’ — an issue that is truly not about the control of guns, but people.


The DHS conducts psychological evaluations throughout the agency to determine who will be loyal to the the purge agenda and to discharge those who will not.

State O’Masochist & Lady Liberty

A surreal depiction of the abuse and manipulation of the individual by the government using striking live action visuals and metaphors

2nd Chance

A couple is given a second chance to rethink gun control.

Freedom Diaries

A couple decides to record their lives without realizing they’re documenting the demise of liberty.

George Washington’s Revenge

Anti-Constitutionalists Michael Moore and Piers Morgan are abducted from the future and brought to the past to answer to George Washington himself.


Hilarious Comedy Awareness.

I Love Gun Control

Dramatic enactment of what could happen if the public gives away their right to defend themselves.

Political Earth

A satirical mockumentary animation exploring the behavior of our world’s “political animals”, all presented in the grand, sweeping, epic style of a BBC nature documentary.

A Drop of Water

Follows a group of missionaries in Cambodia fighting against corruption and the destructive and genocidal legacy of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.


A sci-fi short film taking place on Earth in the year 2020.

Portrait of a Soldier

After the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, this film depicts the epidemic of suicide our returning veterans face.


Live Free or Die Ft. Ron Paul — Performed by ‘Denali’ from the album, “Topic of Discussion”.

Game Over

A story about a family suddenly facing a massive joint military gun confiscation operation after the U.N. arms treaty passes

Illuminati in Modern Music

Music as mind control for the masses.

It Can’t Happen Here

A documentary exposing the political tyranny America is already under.

Monopolize New World Order

There comes a time in every American’s life when they can either drink the Liber-Tea… or swallow the kool-aid.

The Death of John Doe

The Death of John Doe” is a short film about the end of personal privacy.

Thank you Michelle?

This short film is a wake up call to America to the fact that citizens of United States of America are losing freedom that patriots stood up for.

The Indoor Chemtrailer

The Indoor Chemtrailer is a brand new product developed by the Pentagon with Nano bot technology that allows you to enjoy Chemtrails from inside your own home.

The Free State Solution

This short documentary explores possible solutions in resisting tyranny.

Concentration Camp

A music video.

Dear Giabo

Imprisoned by the New World Order, a father writes a letter to his son about his fight for liberty.

A Dream Revered

An epic semi-fictional docu-drama about a retired auto worker who finds courage to take a stand when he has a phenomenal experience with a Real American Hero.

Knight Trials

Travelers (a la star wars) discuss the peculiarities of the American paradigm.

Bloc Heads

As Gaddafi observed, the African Union is not alone in its pursuit of regional integration.7 to 10 super-nations are now emerging on the world scene.

Beta Test (2027)

In a dystopic future, 2027, the United States has fallen into a dangerous, technocratic existence.

Horsemeat & Babies

Re-edited film about the post abortion industry.

John Cabal vs Alex Jones

This short film finally answers the question, if Chief was against the New World Order and an advocate for national sovereignty, wouldn’t he be the hero?

Surveillance State

Christopher Greene of AMTV examines the influence of technology on the human condition and what it means for the future of humanity.

In Sickness & in Hell

What are the roots of Modern Medicine. It’s anything but health “care.”

The Patriot: Fictional Tale of Tyranny

The Patriot is an animated sci-fi comedy set in a dystopian future America.

A Healthy Distrust

What is the nature of government? What is the proper role of government? Are they really coming for the guns? Why is the government arming to the teeth? Do elections really matter?

An End To US

A man in a dystopic future looks back at the warning signs signalling what lie ahead.

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