Contestants are the militia in the Info War.
July 15, 2013

Infowars is pleased to announce the launch of the official web site for the Infowars on-line film festival, Operation Paul Revere.

Operation Paul Revere

Operation Paul Revere is our largest and most critical contest in the fight for the Info War.

We announced the contest in January, encouraging freedom lovers to film tyranny-crushing narratives or documentaries up to two hours long for a chance to win $100,000.

Overall, three (3) cash prizes will be awarded:

Grand Prize Winner – $100,000 cash

Second Place – $10,000 cash

Third Place – $5,000 cash

Here’s when the winners will be announced:

Finalists – Monday, July 22
Third Place – Thursday, July 25
Second Place – Friday, July 26
Grand Prize Winner – Monday, July 29

Regardless of the cash prizes, every contestant is a winner simply by taking part in this historic start for the renaissance of liberty.

Each participant is promoting ideas which cannot be defeated by a standing army, ideas that will no doubt embed themselves into human consciousness and expand human potential.

At the Operation Paul Revere web site, please view and discuss the entries at your leisure.

Over 200 movies are on the web site.

We are showcasing organic creations by free-thinking individuals which challenge the unified thinking prevalent in our collective, “zombiefied” culture.

Each of the contest entries on the official web site can easily be viewed by thousands.

We will be looking to hire people from the contestant pool for our film production and news departments.

Our goal is to release three major movies a year with dozens of smaller films in between.

Liberty is a spark from within and artistic expression allows that flame to flourish.

We want millions to watch our films and embrace our message of true freedom.

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