PORTLAND, Ore. – A recent YouTube video is highlighting some interesting student artwork at an Oregon high school, raising serious questions about what students are learning in class.

A video of at least eight murals at Lincoln High School in Portland paint a picture of how important issues like immigration and foreign policy are approached in public schools. The student artwork features an American flag redesigned with the communist sickle and hammer, a white person in chains, missile silos, men with guns and odes to Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and other communist leaders.

The artwork is steeped in imagery used in La Raza and Aztian propaganda and appears to mock the U.S. Constitution and advocate for open borders. The student murals at Lincoln also incorporate the Mexican flag, immigrant protests, a bloody cross, and several communist sayings, written in Spanish.

“Temerity of the corporations,” reads a slogan on a mural featuring what appears to be Hispanic immigrants protesting in front of a factory. “All fight against the TLC” and “Free trade agreement never rid of farmers,” others read, according to Progressives Today.

The news site also listed the phone number for Lincoln Principal Peyton Chapman: (503) 916-5200, ext. 75400.

YouTube user LaughingAtLiberals posted a short video of the murals Saturday, and the reaction online was fierce.

“I find that very disturbing that those kids have been brainwashed to do that by the commie liberals. What population of that school is of Mexican descent? And wow the school board site is in SIX different languages,” Sith Yarael posted in the YouTube comments, along with contact information for the board of education and superintendent. “I didn’t call or email the principal, I decided to call and email the superintendent of the school system.”

“This is some bullshit,” Sean Jeanes wrote. “Yet if there were paintings of Old Glory and past presidents, all the disaffected people of color and the others who claim victim status would riot and try to burn it down. Change these murals … I feel like buying some paint and going on a road trip.”

“This crap is ridiculous,” Apocalypse Optimist added.

Others, like Art Welmeth, noted that La Raza – translated to “The Race” – promotes racism.

“The RACE is racist,” he wrote.

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