Editor’s Note: As pharmaceutical corporation continue to flog their unpopular and ineffective flu vaccines to their global market, new types of doses- like the ‘oral flu vaccine’ are currently being engineered to improve public consumption of their products. Rather than promoting a number of available natural immune boosting products and healthy eating, big pharma and globalist governments are instead pushing more and more unsuccessful and unhealthy synthetic chemical solutions. If you are torn as to which way to go on this issue, do your own research. Good advice here is to vote with your wallet on this one, and see which alternative offers better results for overall health. 

Michael Söze 

December 14, 2011

Results from a new study have suggested that an oral flu vaccine may be more effective than traditional shots in prevention of the seasonal flu.

Researchers at the International Vaccine Institute in Korea found that administering a certain flu antigen called matrix protein 2 (M2) beneath the tongue of mice stopped them from getting different strains of the flu virus, including avian flu and swine flu, ABC news reported.

Although flu virus strains change yearly, researchers have discovered that the M2 protein remains the same in most of viruses – suggesting that the protein might hold the key to developing a universal vaccine – and thus have begun administering in the injectable form of the flu vaccine as well.

Regardless of M2′s over all effectiveness in both forms (oral or injection), researchers wrote in the journal PLoS ONE that the protein does not boost lung immunity in the shot the way it does in the experimental oral vaccine.

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