An Orange County family is angry and outraged, claiming that a hospital is pushing them to remove a mother of seven, who is in critical condition, from life support equipment. It’s the same hospital they claim that botched her treatment and put her on life support.

“For them to push the family to do that is just unspeakable,” said Lisa Avila’s aunt, Jessica Jule. “They shouldn’t be pressuring us, because the reason we’re here, is because of their mistake.”

Avila’s family got a letter during an unexpected meeting with hospital personnel. It shows Avila’s name filled in at the top and describes her as brain dead. It goes on to explain that she will be taken off the ventilator “no later” than this Friday.

Avila came to Anaheim Regional Medical Center a month ago while pregnant with her eighth child. Her family says the hospital sent her home, and within a day she slipped into a coma due to a a tubal pregnancy.

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