Kurt Nimmo
December 14, 2011

The Washington Post posted a story today highlighting the fear of average Iranians as their leaders recite useless bravado and the U.S. and Israel launch covert attacks inside their country and snoop out targets with advanced spy drones.

“Fears that something will happen soon have been growing of late,” writes Thomas Erdbrink, describing the mood inside Iran. Following an attack on a missile base inside Iran, British diplomats fled after irate Iranians attacked their embassy in response to new sanctions imposed on the country.

According to the Post, the Iranian rial is only kept afloat by oil revenue. It has lost 48 percent of its value against the dollar since 2008. It is predicted more serious sanctions on Iran’s oil production will crash the economy.

Not mentioned by the Post is the unavoidable fact that the coming attack will reduce the country to the condition suffered by Iraq after Bush’s attack in 2003.

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As we noted last month, the attack will not be a surgical strike on a few supposed nuclear sites and missile bases, but will be designed to reduce Iran to rubble and return it to the Stone Age.

Eli Lake, writing for The Daily Beast, cited current and former U.S. intelligence officials who said Israel’s target list includes Iran’s electric grid, internet, cellphone network, and emergency frequencies for firemen and police officers.

It is fair to say Iran’s nuclear program – never definitively determined to be a weapons program – is merely the pretext for a catastrophic attack aimed primarily at Iran’s civilian infrastructure and the installation of a malleable puppet regime run by the U.S.

Since Bush Senior’s 1991 invasion and his son’s subsequent attack, nearly three million Iraqis have lost their lives – the first invasion and sanctions imposed after the invasion claimed 1,500,000 lives, including the lives of 750,000 children, and the 2003 invasion killed well over a million (as of 2007). Even the globalists agree that the official death toll of a few hundred thousand dead Iraqis is way off base, although they also play down the numbers.

The Post reports a number of Iranians are leaving the country. Considering what the U.S. and the Israelis have in mind, leaving the country as soon as possible is a good idea because Iran is slated to soon become a failed state, as is Syria.

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