Kurt Nimmo
March 1, 2008

Once again, Faux News pit pull Bill O’Reilly calls for censorship of the blogs, this time in regard to posts on Huffington Post concerning Nancy Reagan, who fell down, apparently much to the stupid glee of “left-wing” types commenting on Arianna Huffington’s site.

“Don’t you think Americans should start holding people like Arianna Huffington accountable for this?” Bill barks over “conservative” Mary Katherine Ham, editor of Townhall.com. Then, in the standard stream of consciousness fashion, Bill wants to know what the difference “between the Ku Klux Klan and Arianna Huffington” is. “I don’t see any difference between Huffington and the Nazis,” O’Reilly concludes.

The modern Ku Klux Klan is an FBI COINTELPRO operation, whereas Huffington appears to be your garden variety liberal, never mind her billionaire one-time husband, Michael Huffington, is a Republican and Pentagon functionary. Huffington is harmless enough, while Bill, as a “conservative” in the employ of Faux, has done incalculable damage. In fact, it can be argued that, if there ever is a trial for war crimes and the neocons are brought to book, Bill will be guilty of war propaganda. It was Bill who told us to “shut up” as the invasion unrolled, thus far resulting in the slaughter of over a million Iraqis. Bill is closer to a Nazi than Huffington, that is if we take Nazism at its essence without all the cultural and Hollywood baggage — that is to say, the man is a fascist.

  The American people will never turn on Huffington, as they are too busy watching sit-coms and following the absurd travails of celebrities while they try to figure out how to buy more baubles with their reactive credit cards.

Of course, the American people will never turn on Huffington, as they are too busy watching sit-coms and following the absurd travails of celebrities while they try to figure out how to buy more baubles with their reactive credit cards.

“It’s her,” declares Bill, his legendary anger mounting as he jabs an accusatory finger at a smirking Ham, who wants to hold the “left-wing” blogs responsible. “It’s her, it’s her, it’s Huffington!”

Naturally, the writers over at the Huffington Post, in response to Bill O’s tirade, are clueless. “And he still has a job? He has the audacity to compare Arianna to the KKK and then want to lynch Michelle Obama if he feels she wasn’t jingoistic enough. Jesse Jackson brought up Bill O’s rant on MSNBC after Tuesday’s debate and said that this type of rhetoric can lead to violent episodes in our country. Maybe that’s what he’s after,” writes John Amato. “I spoke with Arianna about it last night and she feels he really crossed the line. He’s been crossing the line for years now, but nobody ever called him on it before the blogs showed up. Hey Bill, we’re not going anywhere.”

Good for you, John. But you’re missing the point. Bill O’Reilly has as much right to call Huffington a Nazi as the people callously posting comments on the Huffington Post have a right to wish Nancy Reagan ill, that is so long as they are not threatening to inflict that ill.

“You may not agree with all of Arianna’s politics, but where she’s full of grace and elegance — O’Reilly is an angry, pathetic, right wing media parasite.”

Unfortunately, so long as John Amato and his “liberal” ilk continue to call O’Reilly “right wing,” they are going to miss the larger point — it has nothing to do with right, left, or dead center, it has to do with our rulers hijacking the political discourse and rendering it impotent. Bill O’Reilly is a shill for the elite. His call to silence Huffington has nothing to do with the false right-left paradigm, it has to do with rendering ineffective all discussion poised against those who rule, no matter political coloration.

O’Reilly’s comment about a “lynching party against Michelle Obama” is a detour as well, designed to upset so-called “liberals” who are married to the idea of civil rights at the expense of natural rights, the latter guaranteed to all, regardless of skin color. So-called civil rights are bestowed by government — and can thus be taken away in a heartbeat by that same government — while natural rights are inherent. But I digress.

Bill O is simply playing the game as devised by his handlers. It is a game designed to sidetrack and render ineffective any meaningful political discussion and activism potentially stemming from that discussion. It is a circus sideshow where spectators are entertained by tawdry mudslinging. It is devised to get the sofa sitters at home thinking in infantile terms.

Come November, it will all be meaningless, as the next decider-commander, be it Obama or Hillary or a combination of the two, will continue following the global elite’s script. It will be interesting, if not disgusting, to witness once again the easily indoctrinated libs line up behind this dynamic duo as they continue the neocon-neolib game plan for world domination. Like lemmings, they are unaware there is a cliff up ahead, just around the corner.

In the meantime, Bill will get a few more seasons on Faux and a few million more in salary. Obviously, the man is laughing all the way to the bank.

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