Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly and Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos sparred over illegal immigration, Kate’s Law, and Ramos’ confrontation with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in an interview aired on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor.”

[NOTE: In a later segment, O’Reilly said that the interview with Ramos had to be cut for time, and the entire, unedited interview would be posted on his website, and that Ramos was aware of this.]

O’Reilly began by asking, “You don’t want a border wall. You don’t want that. Okay? Why not?” Ramos answered, “It’s a complete[ly] absurd idea, why would you want to build a 1,900-mile wall between Mexico and the United States, if almost 40% of all immigrants come by plane, and they overstay their visas.

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