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August 13, 2013

Buying Organic Food is another form of voting with your dollars, and its success has been well documented. Ten years ago, I don’t even think I knew what organic food meant, let alone why I should eat it, now my diet is almost 90% organic, and I’m not alone in making the switch. Major superstores are devoting larger and larger sections to organic food, and local producers are finding that demand is outstriping supply to a great extent. I talked with a local organic farmer who said that he doesn’t have enough food to sell. All of his produce is spoken for by the local community groups, and he doesn’t have enough to put on the shelf at the grocery store of his long time friend. The benefits of eating organic food are largely to your health, but these purchases are also help to create a better farming system in general.

The main benefit of buying organic is getting to have food that is pesticide free, as well as Non-GMO. It has been shown in studies that even small amounts of the Roundup Chemical in the water has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, just imagine what it is doing all over our food. This goes even further with Monsanto’s corn crop that is genetically modified in order to produce and excrete Round Up from within, this mean that these chemicals are present within the food we eat. The genetically modified cells can actually transfer its DNA to the bacteria in our guts, enabling them to produce the roundup chemical. Personally, it isn’t a risk I’m going to take for myself.

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