Several videos and pictures of large pallets of new bricks left in city centres throughout the US are fuelling the theory that organised groups are funding the violence that raged throughout the weekend in America.

Police in Kansas City, Mo., tweeted Sunday that they discovered stashes of bricks and rocks “to be used during a riot”:

Some Black lives matter protesters are clashing with ANTIFA pencil necks:

However, other videos have emerged of ANTIFA types issuing orders to definite non-ANTIFA types to cause trouble:

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik has called for an FBI investigation into who is funding the “domestic terrorism” orchestrated by Antifa and some Black Lives Matter agitators.

“I think the FBI has to investigate, especially this time, [when] you have enormous coordination between what’s going on in Minneapolis, then L.A., Houston, Atlanta,” Kerik urged, adding “There’s a bunch of coordination going on.”

“When you look at some of these people that were in Minneapolis… some of the leaders in the group were young white men all dressed up in black with military-grade radio communications, who were central command posts with earpieces,” Kerik noted.

“Look around the country. [In] every one of the cities we’re talking about, you’re seeing the same exact thing. You’re seeing the same types of leadership. You’re seeing the same antagonists. These are left-wing radical groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, [and] a number of others that are funded by people like [Geroge] Soros and others. They go out and do this for political reasons.” Kerik added.

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