Kurt Nimmo
Infowars. com
October 8, 2011

The political class in the district of criminals seems to have a wish – that the OWS protests turn to violence so the cops can be sent in and run them off. Establishment politicians hate the idea of citizens – described as motley by the corporate media – protesting against them.

“They’re alarming, and I’ll tell you we are going to get more of it. We are going to have riots in this country because of what these people are doing,” said long-time Washington fixture, Orrin Hatch of Utah.

Dimly unperceptive as usual, Hatch said the OWS is motivated by Obama’s jobs bill and union leaders like James Hoffa who play the endless partisan game.

He said the feds will cut back on “entitlements” and this will “get people very angry and sooner or later people who basically are dependent upon the federal government and are about to be cut back, yeah, you are going to have lots of problems.”

Rush Limbaugh added his two cents this week when he said Obama is setting up the OWS to riot in the streets.

“On his program this afternoon, talk radio host Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the protests in Downtown Manhattan calling themselves Occupy Wall Street,” Ology reported on Thursday. “He quoted an anonymous friend when he said that it is possible that the White House was behind the protests to some degree and claimed that the Obama Administration wanted to foment riots to advance an anti-corporatist agenda.”

Is Limbaugh back on the Oxycontin? The Obama administration is the most corporate friendly administration since… well, the Bush administration. It isn’t behind the OWS, although more than a few Obama-friendly folks have tried to co-opt the movement.

Establishment Republicans and hot air bags like Limbaugh would love for the OWS to devolve into riots and violence. Short of that, they’d like to see the OWS plowed over by unions and supposedly progressive community groups and other foundation-spawned critters that catapulted Obama into the White House and plan to do it again next year while standing on the stooped back of the OWS.

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