Kurt Nimmo
May 10, 2008

The dead Osama really has his hands full these days. Now we’re expected to believe the mercurial terrorist group will be trekking to Lebanon to take on Hezbollah. Because Osama’s fighters hate Shi’ites, don’t you know. Because in addition to vowing to kill infidel grade schoolers in Boise, the Wahhabist Sunnis have vowed to kill apostate Shi’ites where they find them.

Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

Press TV reports:

Al-Qaeda has reportedly called on its operatives to go to Lebanon and defend what it called the Sunni community of the country.

The report came while some Arab media outlets described the current clashes in Lebanon as a fight between Sunni and Shia communities.

In an interviews with Sunni clerics with links to Saad Hariri’s pro-government bloc, Al-Arabiya TV network described the ongoing clashes as a sectarian strife.

Sheikh Ali al-Jozo, Mufti of the Jebel region, who is well known for his harsh stance against Hezbollah told the TV network that the clashes are a battle between Lebanon’s Shia and Sunni communities and called on Arab leaders to prevent “Iran’s influence in the country.”

The TV network reported that al-Qaeda on all of its websites urged its operatives to defend the Sunni community of Lebanon.

The reports came while in interviews with NBN and al-Manar TV stations on Thursday, a number of Sunni clerics said that the clashes are not a sectarian strife and many Sunni Muslims in Lebanon support Hezbollah.

You know, those al-Qaeda websites hosted in Maryland, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, California, and Florida.

Recall the Pentagon supporting “former insurgents and al-Qaeda sympathizers” in Iraq — collectively known as the sahwa movement — and you might understand what is going on in Lebanon.

Last year, Palestinian Shaker al-Abssi’s Fatah al-Islam, described as a militant jihadist movement that supposedly draws inspiration from al-Qaeda, suddenly appeared in Lebanon. “Fath al-Islam was reportedly started with funding and other support from the CIA and Lebanese Phalangist forces to act as a counterweight to Hezbollah,” notes Wayne Madsen. “In reality, Fath al-Islam is designed to give the Bush administration, NATO, and the Fouad Siniora government a pretext for granting the U.S. military and NATO access to northern Lebanon and the Kleiaat airbase. Fath al-Islam’s activities are already being blamed on ‘Al Qaeda’ units operating in the north of the country.”

Prior to this, in 2006, Lebanese Army Intelligence “uncovered a terrorist network that allegedly has connections with Israel’s Mossad,” the Turkish Weekly reported. “The army arrested Mahmoud Abu Rafeh, a 59-year-old Lebanese citizen, who is a retired Internal Security Forces officer and former colonel in the Israeli-allied militia of former Southern Lebanon Army.” The Lebanese government lodged a complaint with the UN Security Council against Israel over the discovery, for all the good such things do.

Israel attempted to pull this off even after it was caught back in 2002 running a fake al-Qaeda group in Palestine. Israel accused members of the fake Sunni terror group of cooperating with Shi’ite Hezbollah. And Death Valley was blanketed with six inches of fresh snow last August.

In other words, there is far more evidence of U.S. and Israeli meddling in Lebanon and any al-Qaeda group there should be attributed to the Mossad, the CIA, and U.S. military intelligence, especially considering al-Qaeda was created from scratch by the CIA in Afghanistan.

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