Tony Spears, Ian MacLeod, Gary Dimmock and Douglas Quan
The Ottawa Citizen
May 20, 2010

Editor’s note: So-called anarchists attacking banks and other targets usually turn out to be agents provocateurs. In 2007, Canadian police admitted cops had posed as anarchists during the SPP summit. During the G20 summit anarchists in London plotted mayhem. During a meeting in Toronto prior to the upcoming G20, activists told police they are worried agents provocateurs will be used to discredit them. This may be what the Ottawa bank bombing is all about.

OTTAWA — Police detectives investigating the brazen firebombing of a Glebe bank are closing in on suspects who call themselves FFFC-Ottawa and expect to file search warrants in a case that has drawn global headlines, the Citizen has learned.

Police have been scouring the burned-out Royal Bank of Canada branch at Bank Street and First Avenue for forensic evidence and were reviewing security video and exploring tips from a concerned public Wednesday.

In a bold move, FFFC-Ottawa claimed responsibility for the firebombing in an online “catch-me-if-you-can” video that seasoned detectives have been reviewing since the Citizen alerted police about the video Tuesday afternoon.

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