Michael Auslin
The American
December 24, 2009

[efoods]Until I read Scott Gottlieb’s New York Post editorial on the iron trap that is ObamaPelosiReid Care, I didn’t fully understand how it does truly and insidiously destroy private health insurance as we know it. If, like me, you’re relatively young and not on Medicaid, then you have little idea how restrictive the system is and is designed to be. That’s what we’re heading for—all Americans. No longer will we have the freedom to purchase healthcare directly from an insurance company that designs its own products; that role will fall to the bureaucrats crafting the acceptable plans to be offered in the healthcare “exchanges” in all 50 states. Nor can anyone escape to Montana, Utah, or other supposedly more independent, individual-oriented states, since the whole country is locked into an effectively single-payer system that will increasingly impose restrictions on the care we receive.

There is little description for this but “soft totalitarianism.” America is heading pell-mell, thanks to the people who supposedly work for us, into the maelstrom of social engineering that so horrifically destroyed the 20th century, as Robert Conquest poignantly described in Reflections on a Ravaged Century. It won’t seem so at first, it will be slow and piecemeal, but history irrefutably proves over and over that the totalitarian engineers never stop, until they are stopped by others. Sen. Tom Harkin’s triumphant statement is proof of that. At 8 a.m. on Thursday, December 24, Americans will start to taste a new reality that most of us cannot fully imagine.

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