Planet Infowars
October 25, 2013

As my formative years waned, I was chugging along

Mr. Gorbachev tore down that wall, the cold war was over

The iron curtain drawn, it wouldn’t be long, before we’d be rollen’ in clover

But on a clear September morning, a new threat emerged

An act of war that caused hatred to surge

Steely fingers pointed; surely al-Qaeda was to blame

Didn’t seem to matter that three building were knocked down by two planes

A pliable public cried for blood. Off to Afghanistan and Iraq, to fill those towel heads full of slugs

Retribution would be ours for that cowardly sucker punch

More than ten year later it’s become clear that we’re the thugs

In this deadly game, evidently the best team doesn’t always win

Especially when the media ignores the truth in favor of spin

Despite having the best team on the field, there’s still no resolution in sight

We continue to send our best out on patrol looking for a fight

With no army, no navy, no air force, surely the enemy has no chance

But somehow we’re still locked in this deadly dance

Almost seems like we’re not even trying to finish, perhaps because profits would diminish

Weapons of war cost as much as they kill, a fee ultimately paid by you and me

What’s good for humanity isn’t always good for GE

Makes me wonder if the powers that be are even trying to find a solution

I’m beginning the hear the rumblings of revolution

You see, it’s not just the horrific fact that our oversees troops continue to perish

One by one, those at home are beginning to lose all that they cherish

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