A political campaign in which out of shape women stripped naked to encourage people to vote Democrat has backfired terribly to the point where some are wondering if the stunt is actually a Republican sponsored ad in disguise.

The #GrabThemByTheBallot campaign features a number of “diverse” women from Vermont, including a transgender person who goes by the initial ‘Z’, who did a nude photo shoot to ‘promote women’s rights and sexual expression’….or something.

However, the campaign looks so forced and uncomfortable that it just comes off as weird and embarrassing.

“With the Kavanaugh nomination and MeToo and Trump, women are rising everywhere,” said campaign creator Dawn Robertson. “I hope that the pictures encourage women and marginalized communities to vote. I want them to know that their voice matters and this is serious shit.”

However, many people on social media didn’t take the campaign as seriously as Robertson had hoped.

According to one report, “The group’s Facebook page has been flooded with trolls and negative comments.”

“Elon Musk is right we must be living in a simulation. You would have to be programmed to think this is a good idea. No one with free will would think this would work. We are in the matrix. I want out!” responded one Twitter user.

“I’m voting Republican, just because of the freaks,” said a respondent on Facebook.

“Ugh. So what is the next cheap stunt to try and shock and gain people’s attention? Maybe first establish an argument that is convincing rather than trying to grab attention via theatrics,” said another respondent.

“That will just make people want to vote republican LOL,” commented another Twitter user.

Perhaps the best response came from Bonny Wright, who simply said, “No. I don’t want to grab any of them anywhere. Ever.”


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