Jacob G. Hornberger
November 28, 2012

It is so amusing to see mainstream commentators condemning Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, for assuming dictatorial powers. Their critiques are well-taken, as I observed in my blog post of yesterday, “Morsi’s Democratic Dictatorship.” But what’s amusing about the mainstreamers is how they can so quickly identify and condemn dictatorial conduct on the part of foreign rulers but maintain an absolutely obsequious blind spot when it comes to the dictatorial actions by their own ruler.

Recall President Bush’s assumption of dictatorial powers after the 9/11 attacks. Those powers included the authority to arrest Americans without warrants, cart them away to concentration camps or military dungeons as suspected terrorists, torture them, keep them incarcerated for life without trial, and even execute them, perhaps after some sort of kangaroo military tribunal.

Of course, in post-9/11 America the president himself wouldn’t personally be doing those things. That’s what the U.S. military and the CIA are for — to enforce the post-9/11 order in the United States.

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