A Twitter user published a meme portraying an angry, roided-out driver speeding toward a conservative 7-year-old who has raised over $22,000 for President Trump’s border wall.

At the time of writing this article, the tweet has 66k likes and 12k shares on the social media site.

Infowars wrote about the 7-year-old boy’s fundraiser in February, after liberals called the child “Little Hitler” for supporting the border wall.

The child is donating money raised by his hot chocolate stand to the nonprofit group We Build The Wall, Inc. who has raised over $23 million.

Last week, the organization started construction on the wall and completed a half-mile stretch near El Paso, Texas.

“We Build The Wall,” organizers allowed the young man to lead the ribbon-cutting ceremony to kick off the construction project.

The attention the post is receiving is another sign of increased polarization in American politics, as well as the left’s acceptance of political violence.

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