Is Hillary Clinton’s campaign pulling the plug on its hopes to win the battleground state of battleground states: Ohio?

That’s what CNN’s Jeff Zeleny wondered this morning as he noted Clinton has not been in the state since her epic Cleveland coughing fit on Labor Day.

“So long Ohio? It’s been 20 days Hillary Clinton has stepped foot into this class battleground state, and she’s not expected to visit it again in the month of September,” Zeleny said.

But it’s not because the campaign believes she has it sewn up, but rather the opposite.

“That is a nod to the political reality there facing her campaign,” Zeleny said.

“She is struggling mightily among white voters, and the campaign has not yet written it off. And they will push back and say ‘we’re still spending money there,’ etc., but Ohio, the mother of all battleground states is not in her wheel house anymore.

“Our poll of polls — combination of polls — shows that Trump is leading 43% to 38%,” Zeleny said.

He added she “does not need” Ohio and that is why it is “slipping down on the priority list.”

To underscore Zeleny’s point, the U.S. Senate race also seems to be slipping away from the Democrats.

The party was hoping former Gov. Ted Strickland would be able to knock off incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, but he’s lagging behind, as well.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Strickland down 13.5%, with some show him trailing by as much as 21 points.

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