John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, has already decided that Governor Jeb Bush will be the Republican nominee for president. Here’s why I know.

While shopping at  Magruder’s of DC yesterday evening around 6:30, I overheard a parts of a lengthy—20 minutes– cell phone conversation between Podesta and someone— about Hillary’s campaign.

With an earpiece dangling from his left ear, Podesta told the person on the other end there were two things he was most concerned about. The first was being “outgunned” in money by Jeb Bush; second that he was worried about the “psychosis of the media . . .which is something we created.” He added with a humble chuckle – and I’m paraphrasing – that they certainly couldn’t complain about the media’s coverage of Hillary because it was something of her campaign staff’s own making.

Presumably, Podesta meant the liberal media’s unyielding obsession with his Queen Hillary. I think he’s worried the media’s non-stop coverage of Hillary may make her go mad. Let’s hope so.

Like me, Podesta was stocking up on adult beverages of wine and the like. Dressed casually in jeans, green t-shirt, and running shoes, he walked the store aisles, chatting away about the presidential campaign. Seized with curiosity, I couldn’t help but follow Podesta around, eavesdropping. He made it very easy, already blabbing like a cocksure White House Chief of Staff, AGAIN. (Podesta served as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff when he was president.)

Pondering some California vintages, Podesta spoke disparagingly about a man named “Larry.” Could he have been talking about Larry Cohen, outgoing president of the Communications Workers of America, with whom Hillary locked horns over the fast-track trade agreement? Either way, I’m certain Larry’s ears were burning.

Podesta quipped at one point, “Let’s face it– our strategy always seems to work.” Then he told the person he was chatting with that “they [Hillary’s campaign team] had spent all weekend talking about strategy.”

It seems Jeb represents a clear and present danger to Team Hillary. My advice to Jeb is to keep playing it cool and rational, like he’s done with the Confederate flag and Donald Trump. One of Jeb’s biggest threats to Hillary is his command of the Spanish language and ability to connect with Hispanic voters. Jeb should start speaking in Spanish more—in stump speeches, interviews and debates.

Jeb (and the other 15 GOP candidates) should limit his media interviews like Hillary’s been doing. If he must do an interview here or there, Jeb should consent only to request from conservative press –just as Hillary did when she cherry-picked CNN to do her first “unserious” interview. Fewer interviews means less ammunition for the liberal media to use to harpoon Jeb, should he become the 2016 GOP nominee. Let’s face: the verbal bullets are going to fly from Republicans at one another starting August when the first GOP debate is scheduled.

Watching Podesta push his cart into the parking lot and load up his hooch into his Ford Focus, all I could do was smile. If Hillary’s own team is having doubts about her inevitable presidency, Jeb needs to give Hillary more than just something to worry about; he needs scare her!

As I loaded my own purchases into the car, I couldn’t help but wonder what all his booze was for. Maybe for the “informal, intimate get-together for…labor leaders” at his house tonight (as reported by Politico). Or, maybe Her Majesty’s campaign staff needs a stiff drink…

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