August 6, 2013

An informal coalition of activists upset over the non-stop assault being waged on the Bill of Rights have coordinated protests taking place at major highway overpasses across the country.

The Nation Liberty Foundation website and are the nation-wide rally points for those who wish to voice their discontent with the current dictator in chief’s over-abuse of executive power.

The group is encouraging people to host their own events where they can present large readable signs, American flags and “Don’t Tread on Me” gear to traveling motorists.


“MAKE SURE EVERYTHING YOU CARRY WILL BE SECURE, WITH NO CHANCE OF FALLING ONTO THE HIGHWAY BELOW, CAUSING AN ACCIDENT!” the Texas-wide protest effort rally page states. As well, no profanity, crude pictures, banners or signs will be allowed.


Visit the Nation Liberty Foundation’s event page or to find the protest in your area.

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