Is Baghdad about to fall to ISIS, a group which the US media has told us is more evil than evil itself (except, of course, for the Khorasan Group, which is far more terrifying)?

Media reports that ISIS is only a few short miles from Baghdad, having established themselves in the notorious (for US torture) Abu Ghraib suburb of Baghdad and pressing ever closer to the “green zone” hosting the Iraqi government offices as well as the (Vatican-sized) US embassy compound.

It comes to this, after more than $2 trillion spent to defeat a “tyrant” in Iraq who kept ISIS-like groups at bay. A war fought to eliminate weapons of mass desctruction that the perpetrators knew were a fantasy. A war fought on the corpses of a half-million dead innocent Iraqi children. A war fought on propaganda to rob and decieve American taxpayers by hypnotizing consumers of mainstream media propaganda. A war fought for “patriotism” pushed byanti-Americans.

Infowars’ Kurt Nimmo captures the pure obscenity of US foreign policy with this very simple observation:

ISIS will soon shut down Baghdad airport with anti-aircraft missiles provided by US and Saudis.

Really, what more can be said?

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