Kurt Nimmo
October 9, 2011

The corporate media routinely portrays the Occupy Wall Street movement as aimless and without coordination. Socialist groups, however, are quickly and aggressively moving to hijack the movement and ultimately expel or marginalize elements they oppose.

In the video above, Nelini Stamp is interviewed. She is a member of the Working Families Party. According to the interviewer, Stamp and her comrades have been in New York since the beginning of the protest and are organizing the leaderless movement.

Working Families’ socialist pedigree

The Working Families Party was created by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN, community groups and the now defunct New Party.

According to Conservapedia, the New Party’s goal was to infiltrate the Democratic Party “with the ultimate objective of creating a major third party whose platform is Marxism.” Many key members were from the Democratic Socialists of America. Noam Chomsky and CIA operative Gloria Steinem were party members.

In 1995, Obama attended a New Party meeting, according to a New Party bulletin. Obama was the chief of staff for Illinois Sen. Alice Palmer at the time. The following year, the New Party was instrumental in getting Obama elected to an Illinois Senate seat.

So important is the Working Families Party to SEIU (Service Employees International Union) operations, it provides more than $100,000 a year of the party’s $1.4 million annual budget. SEIU is affiliated with the Democratic Party and was tightly controlled by labor boss Andy Stern until he retired.

Stern also worked with the Executive Committee of America Coming Together funded by George Soros.

Andy Stern and SEIU were close to the incoming Obama administration, so much so Stern joined Obama and his family on the reviewing stand outside the White House to watch the inaugural parade.

Socialists begin calling shots

On October 2, the New York City branch of Socialist Alternative said it will work to “spread the occupations across the U.S. and into schools and communities” and organize demonstrations calling for a massive government deficit spending and an increase in taxes on “the super-rich and big business,” a move that will ensure more jobs leave the country and more Americans will become destitute.

Socialists marched with the UAW at OWS last week.

Socialist Alternative and their comrades now moving to hijack OWS have declared they want a “movement to replace the rotten system of capitalism with democratic socialism and create a new society based on human need.”

So-called democratic socialism has never worked. In Russia and China, socialism fostered communist dictatorships that ultimately killed tens of millions of people. China still claims to be communist as it serves as a slave labor gulag churning out products for transnational globalists.

As we have noted numerous times, socialism was created by the international bankers as a control mechanism.

Threat to End the Fed

Socialists and communists are notorious for purging their ranks of people who do not agree with them. They are known to physically assault opponents who stand in the way of their quest for political power.

So rife was squabbling and internecine behavior in the communist party in Russia, Lenin moved to outlaw the practice. Factionalism within the SDS ultimately created the terrorist group, the Weather Underground. In the 1960s, socialists were so busy fighting among themselves that the FBI did not have a difficult time infiltrating groups and neutralizing them.

It is only a matter of time before they move to expel End the Fed activists from the OWS. Intimidation and violence are a possibility.

For as the millionaire socialist Michael Moore said recently, the goal of the movement as opportunist socialists see it is to kill off capitalism, not eliminate the Federal Reserve. For Moore and his comrades, the Federal Reserve is irrelevant.

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