Kurt Nimmo
October 6, 2011

Chris Burris, writing for Lew Rockwell’s website yesterday, makes a good point about the Occupy Wall Street movement – they are barking up the wrong tree.

Democracy? How about a constitutionally limited republic?

Instead of occupying a park outside of Wall Street, they should march en masse to 33 Liberty Street. That’s where the New York Fed is located. In addition, they should take their chants and drums to the Harold Pratt House on 58 E. 68th Street at Park Avenue. The Council On Foreign Relations does business at that address.

If the Occupiers had a clue, they would go after the power elite instead of their workers down on Wall Street.

“But they won’t be led to confront the gods on Mount Olympus by their Judas goats and media shills,” Burris writes with an appropriate degree of sarcasm. “David Rockefelle­r, Pete Peterson, Warren Buffett, David Koch and Henry Kissinger might be held up from lunch at 21.”

In addition to Rockefeller and the CFR, protesters in Washington, DC, should immediately march on the North American headquarters of the Trilateral Commission, situated at 1156 Fifteen Street, NW, and make their demands known.

It would also be helpful to protest the Bilderberg Group, the cabal of ultra-rich global elitists who plot our future in secret. Bilderberg does not have an office per se, but with a little footwork I am sure dedicated OWS activists could find the homes and offices of its core members. Here’s a list of the steering committee that arranges the elite organization’s annual meetings. Here is the 2012 list of Bilderberg attendees.

And here are a few more globalist organizations that need to be targeted by peaceful OWS protesters:

Atlantic Council of the United States

1101 15th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 463-7226

“A powerful body that supports NATO’s empowerment as a global force and deeper ties between the European political community and the United States.”

Bretton Woods Committee
1726 M Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

“A club of top ranking political leaders and financial players who seek a revamped international financial system built on the foundations of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.”

Brookings Institute

1775 Massachusetts Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20036

“A major, Washington DC-based policy think tank that has a long history of promoting regional and international governance.”

Center for Strategic and International Studies

1800 K St NW # 400
Washington D.C., DC 20006-2230
(202) 887-0200

“CSIS is an extremely influential policy group and research body that has promoted North American/hemispheric integration, and the development of global governance structures.”

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

1779 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20036-2109
(202) 483-7600

“The CEIP is a global think tank with offices in Washington DC, Moscow, Beijing, Beirut, and Brussels. It supports international approaches to security and political issues, and offers advice to the leaders of the world. CEIP promotes global collective security – the idea that international security should be guaranteed and maintained by a world structure.”

International Institute for Strategic Studies

2121 K Street NW,
Suite 801, Washington, DC

“A British research group that focuses on global security and military concerns. The IISS has been a supporter of an empowered international system of governance.”

The above organization descriptions are taken from A Leadership Review of the Barack. Obama Administration, published by the August Review.

Obama and Biden have expressed sympathy for the OWS movement, but don’t let them fool you – Goldman Sachs put Obama in office and his administration is rife with globalists and CFR and Trilateral operatives.

Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Susan Rice, Paul Volcker, Richard Haass, Alan Greenspan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Robert Zoelick – these are people directly or indirectly connected to Obama who are dyed-in-the-wool globalists working in unison to sell out our national sovereignty and impoverish Americans by sending their jobs to slave gulags in the third world. They represent the Federal Reserve, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, and the secretive Bilderberg Group of elite globalists.

They need to be the ones targeted, not nameless traders and stock brokers on Wall Street.

The OWS needs to get it together – and soon. It looks like it is already being sold out to large unions that helped put the globalist sock puppet and teleprompter reader Obama in office – and they are gearing up to do it again.

If the OWS movement allows itself to be merged into the “progressive” Borg hive, it will never recover. It will be sold out and turned into an establishment cheering section for Democrats just like the once proud Libertarian Tea Party was sold down the river by establishment Republicans.

It needs to go after the real enemies of humanity listed in part above. Short of correcting its aim, the OWS is destined to become another useless and ineffective showboating movement bowing to corporatized labor like the SEIU and following the lead of establishment and foundation funded careerist Democrats.

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