The Packers players wrote a long letter to their fans this week. A letter in which the team asked their fans to join them in interlocking arms during the anthem on Thursday night.

According to quarterback Aaron Rodgers, this was a moment that stood for, “…equality.” As well as “…unity and love, and growing together as a society and starting a conversation around something that may be a little bit uncomfortable for people.”

Well, as it turns out, most Packers fans didn’t want to have a “conversation,” weren’t interested in”growing together,” and certainly had no desire to be made “a little bit uncomfortable.” Instead, the activity most Packers fans elected to participate in when it came time to honor America, was to chant “USA! USA! USA!:”

While all players, for the Packers and Bears stood with arms interlocked. Only a few isolated groups of fans chose too. To the Packers credit, unlike last weekend, no Green Bay players were found on the bench. On Sunday, Green Bay”s Martellus Bennett, Kevin King, and Lance Kendricks protested by sitting on the bench. On Thursday night, every Bear and every Packer was on his feet.

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