We’ve gone over the benefits of saving oneself for marriage (read Waiting Till the Wedding Night – Getting Married the Right Way): mutual trust with your partner, disease prevention, no unexpected pregnancies… Also not getting thrown in jail if you live in a place like Abu Dhabi, which loves to throw people in jail. Especially women.

Yep, that’s our segue. A pregnant woman was tossed in da clink for being unmarried and with child. Now she’s being forced by the government to undergo medical tests to determine when she gave away her flower. Yes, really. It’s of national interest, apparently

A pregnant Ukrainian woman held in Abu Dhabi with her South African fiance faces medical tests to see when she lost her virginity… [The couple] were arrested for unlawful sex outside of marriage when a doctor discovered the pregnancy.

Having sex outside marriage is illegal in the UAE, and those who are convicted can face long jail sentences. The couple have reported been detained since January 29, but details of their arrest are just emerging. They have not, however, been charged because authorities are still investigating the paternity of the child, how long the couple was sexually active and are testing [the mother’s] HIV status.

According to The Times, [the man’s] mother, from South Africa, said: ‘How can they determine how long she’s been sexually active? It must feel as if she is being raped by the authorities.’

Firstly, if you had any doubts about the pervertedness of Islamic countries like the UAE… Wonder no more. This should put those questions to rest. The male-dominant government measures women’s virginity and lobs threats of jail at those it deems unclean. Which is usually women. Sounds rather sexist, right? If you answered anything other than “yes,” promptly relocate to the Middle East. Also slap yourself. Because this is what actual sexism looks like, and it’s a big part of Islam (see Qatar: Dutch Woman Reports Rape and SHE’S Jailed For It…).

You’ve likely noticed how feminists are eerily quiet on this issue… Possibly due to being too busy trying to defund American colleges guilty of fake rape culture or morally crucifying those who fall victim to verifiably false rape accusations (see Students Accused of Rape Suspended, Lose Scholarships. Except the ‘Victim’? She Lied…). Priorities.

While those of hairy-armpitted, leftist persuasion attack America for fake rape culture, they ignore Islam’s actual rape culture. And sexism. And terrorism. This is why Islamophobia is a thing.

By the way, normal people? For the love of all that is good and non-halal, stop going to Muslim countries. They don’t want you. Clearly…

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